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Questions I Have To Answer

1. Coffee or tea? If coffee, creamer or milk? If tea, honey or sugar? i drink coffee with milk most of the time but i love green tea

2. What do you want to major in and why? we don’t really have majors here but i go to film school i study filmmaking and i finish this year and i’m gonna study film editing next.

3. What first got you into tumblr? idk it was four and a half years ago it was totally different back then i can’t even remember we were all hipster blogs

4. Can you sleep with noise or lights on? depends on how tired i am but i think i can, yeah

5. Do you prefer to play video games or watch other people play them? i don’t really like playing video games??? i’ve never been into them so i guess watching someone play but it isn’t my favorite thing to do 

6. If your life was a soulmate AU, what quote of yours would be tattooed on your soulmates body? dude no you can’t quote me i talk shit all the time i’m always joking actually it’d be a friends quote

7. Why is your best friend your best friend? because they can read my mind and they always get me. 

8. If you could improve one of your skills or talents, what skill or talent would you choose to improve? i wish i was better with cameras??? and of course my writing skills though i guess magically improving would make it less me and idk if i’d want that

9. Have you ever had to share a bedroom with a sibling? What was it like? i’m an only child 

10. Favorite home cooked meal? i love when my mom makes goulash with spaetzle or chicken stroganoff. 

11. Would you ever go back to the old myspace days? mmmm nah man tumblr is way better

"I feel like the WWA North American tour is just a daily show of Zayn looking really fucking good and better than the day before" x


Harry in Chicago 30.8.14


This is the most beautiful post ever


my anaconda doesn’t

  • waitress: i'm sorry we're all out of mozzarella sticks
  • waitress: sir please stop cyring


Last year was a dark time for them and we got heartbreakingly beautiful songs about love and hiding it away. This year I am really looking forward to happier tunes like “La La La We Are Married”, “MIA Fun Times”, and “Lol People Still Don’t Know?”